Okay so a lot of writers start out as readers aka fans of other authors. I am not ashamed to say I have some HUGE admiration for many authors and love their books dearly even though I rarely read “for leisure” these days. I use “leisure” instead of “pleasure” because I am pleased with what I read. Well most of the time…there are some submissions that well…are better off not seeing the light of day, even in summary. But I do love doing what I do so I am reading for pleasure when I’m reading submissions or reading over drafts that I’m editing.

But as a fan, I have also turned my daughters (rest assured they are of appropriate age) into fans of many of my favorite authors as well. This is an amazing interest that we all share and Tuesdays are often very exciting around our house. Well, May 31st was particularly exciting as the long awaited story of Hawke and Sienna in Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling Series was due to release. (See fantastic review of KOS here.) As I said, me and daughters = BIG FANs. We’d also learned in the last couple years that my niece shared our interest in these books as well.  So as my Morgan’s bday was approaching and Nalini was going to be a mere 3 1/2 hours away (she lives in New Zealand and we live in California, so that’s as close as we were going to get for some time!), we decided to trek to Roseville and attend her book signing. (I know, I am an awesome mom…or so I was told many times that day.) 😉

We had a scrumptious dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack in Sacto on the way!

Then we headed into Roseville for the actual signing and met the very gracious and awesome Nalini Singh. She took quite a bit of time with us as all four of us went up at once and had books signed. (Liz Altenburg, one of MY authors that I’ve signed at CMP – her book The Summerland is due out in October, also met up w/us and took the pictures below. Thanks Liz!!!)

The Whole Dragon Flerd and Miss Nalini Singh!

So after some battle with Mel’s metal beastie, (we could’ve taken my car, but no they wanted to take hers…does anyone listen to mom??), we made it back home. Thank you to the Samaritans in Sacto as well as Liz for coming to our rescue!

And one more final pic of the Dragon Flerd (inside joke…just go with it.) 😉

So, to my authors…keep writing and one day, you too may enjoy having a mom and her crazy daughters/niece-daughter travel 3 plus hours to come have your book signed. To all of you other writers, as well as myself…may the muse find you and you enjoy similar success as well!



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