It’s been how long since I posted??? Yikes! I was doing so well…but then I went to RT and got semi-caught up, and then I went to Salem for the NEC, got back and got semi-caught up. Had the Relay for Life, got sick, didn’t get caught up. Had fundraising softball tourney for Mitochondrial Disease in honor of my niece Brittany Wilkinson, got even sicker. Am now well, but still catching up!!

Okay, lots of great stuff going on! Really great stuff! RT was a huge blast as well as an amazing venue to meet up with all sorts of resources for both sides of my writing. So my editing and writing hats were very happy. 🙂 I met some peeps in person that I’d only known online for some time, like the lovely and talented Melissa Mayhue! Was standing right next to her and turned around and there she was! We’d known each other through a small online group we both belonged to, but with 1200 people at RT, what are the odds? We totally rocked the CMP Spotlight, BUT not many attended due to a pitch workshop at the same time and it being one of the very first events…live and learn. But met the fabulous Lori Perkins of both the L. Perkins Agency (Literary Agents) and Ravenous Publishing. Amazing person! RT Club was fabulous and we had a gorgeous basket filled with goodies that was raffled off to a very crowded room on Friday…had tons of entries to pick from!

We also unveiled the first issue and volumes of the Crescent Moon Press, a newspaper showcasing our authors and their books in a unique format that they’ve collaboratively written. Each author has submitted an article (or two or three – you know authors!) in breaking news format, help wanted, obituaries or Dear Destroyer (similar to Dear Abby). We compiled them into a beautifully aged news press which was handed out at RT and then subsequently at NEC. Thanks to Sally O’Brien for all her hard work in getting out this beautiful publication!!! (As well as all her help at the RT – thanks Feef!)
Then I had the opportunity of a lifetime to have three lovely ladies accompany me (my two daughters and niece – whom I cherish dearly). They entertained themselves by day and at night when the RT Balls (Faerie, Vampire, Hollywood ) we hit the dance floor AND stayed! – We didn’t know about the Balliwood or we’d have been there too!  Met  up with the awesome CMP Author Christine Ashworth and the amazing multi-published Syrie James at the Faerie Ball. Check out some of the fun pics below!

I could go on and on, but this post would be a million pages long! So suffice it to say we had a fabulous time, Crescent Moon Press was represented as the awesome growing powerhouse press that is, and I was exhausted but elated when I got home. Thank you to my Raging Dragon Flerd for traveling with me and making it a spectacular trip!! I love you ALL!

By the time I had recovered and caught up, it was time to board a plane for Massachusetts! Yes, since I’m from California, that’s quite a flight! But I got to spend time with my absolutely incredible bosses. Not many people would enjoy spending a whole weekend with their superiors, but I loved it. These are spectacular ladies with a vision for CMP and its authors that is truly phenomenal. Steph Murray and Marlene Castricato are sisters of the heart and truly have a passion for what they are doing. I was honored to spend time with them and enjoyed it immensely. We also met up with some of our CMP authors Michelle Picard, Catherine Collins, and Liz Altenburg at the conference. Most definitely worth the trip!


So…my first publication is due out soon! Yes, I am officially published! It’s only a poem, but I can still say I am published! 🙂 Thematic Magazine is a literary magazine dedicated to helping writing professionals become published. In that vein, the only content is poems and short stories. July’s theme is freedom and I submitted a poem about freedom from the worry of the extreme medical issues surrounding my family the last few years and the angst/conflict of being torn between taking care of the sick one and being needed at home. Look for it in their July issue! It’s aptly titled, “Fear and Freedom”. 😀

Also working on a new trilogy that I know will be published when it’s finally written. That’s right, I KNOW it will be published. 🙂 Stay tuned!

Told ya I had lots of great news! 🙂

May the muse bless you!


  1. Tanya Reimer says:

    Haha! Great post! The conference sounds killer, and congrats on the publication!!

  2. Wow lots of great news! You have been busy.

  3. Thanks Hildie AND I've been editing a book or three or four too! 😀

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