Interview at Castles and Guns is up!!

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Castles and Guns, crescent moon press, donna o'brien, Kinley Baker

My interview at Castles and Guns went really well. I was actually done with it a couple of weeks ago…LOL CMP Author  Kinley Baker  was great and sent me some really good questions. I hope I gave good answers.

The only thing I could have elaborated on was when she asked about the perfect submission. I said, I wanted something I hadn’t seen before. While that’s true, I had also already talked about what I like as far as genres go, but I want from a submission what I get from a great book. You know when you find a new author you love to read? You pick up that first book from them and you start reading and there are almost goosebumps, you can’t hardly put the book down, your family calls your name — you don’t hear them. A small fire could break out and you wouldn’t even notice… it’s almost torture until the next book comes out. 
THAT would be my perfect submission.
So head on over and check out the rest of  my interview!!!
  1. Tanya Reimer says:

    Wow!Loved the interview. We have the same tastes in books! So much fun to read, even more fun to write.

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