Wow….sooooo much going on right now! In a good way though. 🙂  I’ll put on my Editor hat first:
Crescent Moon Press released not one but two titles today!! Woot, woot!! Traci Bell‘s Entangled and Lara Nance‘s Memories of Murder!! Congratulations and Happy Release Day Ladies. You can click on either of the links and they will take you straight to Amazon!

Secondly, Editor’s hat still in place, I will be interviewed by Crescent Moon Press Author, Kinley Baker at Blog Castles and Guns on Wednesday March 9th. She’s grilling me on what I’m looking to acquire and how to submit!! Way cool. Stop by and leave a comment!

AND, still wearing my Editor’s hat though (I rather like it *grin*), I have teamed up with Micole Black of Micole Writes Romance to offer a contest!!! I like to twist things so this isn’t just a first line or a first paragraph contest, it’s a First AND Last line contest. Yes, the first line of the manuscript and your last line. There will be a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The winner gets to submit a full to me and 2nd and 3rd get to submit a synopsis and their first three chapters!!  Winners will be announced on March 24th — so exciting!!!

Finally, I have started the edits on my first acquisition for Crescent Moon Press, I can’t give away everything yet, but I’ll just say it’s going to be a great book!!!

Okay, now my writer’s hat, finished doing the sprints and added about 20K words to my own MS  last week. Not too bad, given all the new changes and arranging going on!!

Until next time, keep writing and may the muse bless you with tons of muchness!!


Donna O’Brien, Acquisitions Editor

Donna O’Brien, Author


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