I’m now working with Crescent Moon Press…as an Acquisitions Manager/Editor. Which means…yes, I get paid to read and buy books (as in acquire manuscripts and have them published so you all can buy them too)!!! How cool is that?!!

I am beyond thrilled. Everyone at CMP is very awesome and welcoming. I just know this is going to be the beginning of great things.  I’ll put up a special post later as to what I’m looking for specifically and guidelines and so forth. But for now, just head on over to the Crescent Moon Press site and see their submissions page:  Submissions. Or you can send a query of any full length (70,000 to 120,000 words) paranormal, fantasy, time travel, with strong romantic elements to me here.

Now this doesn’t mean I have given up on my writing. I’ve done more than 11K words in three days and I’m still going strong! Woot woot. 🙂 I switched back to working on that MS because I was doing sprints basically and I had a plot problem with OMDB. You know those characters who all the sudden decide that they don’t like your plot line and they want to do it THEIR way.  Yea, those characters. They are the most frustrating, but usually tend to be the most richly developed and rewarding. However, not the best time to sit down and do sprints.

So, since it’d been a while since I’d sat down with the Shevan and the poetic but extremely psycho stalker and, of course, the hot alpha FBI hero, I read back over some preceding chapters before I started. It was tough not to get in there and edit. But I did it anyway. And you know, I’d forgotten how much I liked that book with all the twisty turns, drama, and fast pace. Definitely the right choice for my sprinting exercise.

Life’s a lot like that with it’s twisty turns…you just follow them and never know where they are going to lead you sometimes. Oh, we plan, but just like when we plot our storylines and characters, life doesn’t always listen to us. And just like with writing, that’s usually when it’s the most richly developed and rewarding.

With that in mind, I will get back to those characters and see what they come up with for today.


Donna O’Brien

Donna O’Brien, Acquisitions Manager Editor


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