June – Craziness, End of a Journey and Love

Posted: June 3, 2010 in "writing", craziness, donna o'brien, imagination, journey, June, love, muchier

June generally signifies the ending of the school year. For our family June is like hell month. Literally. We have 3 birthdays just in our immediate family, 5 more in our close surrounding family, our wedding anniversary is in June (but I was very young and didn’t understand the repercussions of this decision at the time so don’t hold it against me) and then we have Father’s day.  Not to mention the sometimes two or three graduations that happen to fall within the already over-crowded month. So that pretty much covers the craziness. But since it all involves family, it’s usually tolerable and filled with big rewards at the end…empty pockets, but big rewards. 🙂 And love.

This year will signify the end of a journey…not an educational one, but a very long and arduous journey undertaken by my 14 year-old son. (The rest of the family obviously went along for the ride, because that’s what we do.) I haven’t talked too much about it but you can guess from some of my posts that it has to do with a very serious medical issue. I won’t go into details but his treatment should be ending soon and all indications look very good. It’s so much better when the doctor comes out and talks to you in the big waiting room with everyone else instead of calling you back and talking to you in private. Not fun…don’t ever want to do that again! But my brave boy handled this better than I think many adults would have, including myself. Very little self pity if any…lots of humor…(tons and tons for he is much funnier than his mother.) And love

Though I don’t know how we did it and if it would have happened at any other time, I don’t think we would’ve made it, I was able to quit my job and stay at home and take care of my son. You would think that would leave lots of time for writing…not so much. Now that his care is under control I think I can prioritize. (Like I know my closet really, really needs to be cleaned out and organized, but I will make a date for that to be done and not worry about and write until then…sounds like a plan, right?)

Writing is what I love to do and it’s saved me many times when I thought I really needed to run away but couldn’t physically manage it. Reading is a great escape but you are lead along a predestined path, chosen by the author who wrote that book. Many of them do that phenomenally well and I have a fabulous time. But writing is absolutely magical – writing is a go anywhere do anything type of escape.  Limitless possibilities. Imagination is key and it’s like a muscle, the more you stretch it, the more it bends. 

Have you ever listened to a kid’s story and thought, How the hell did they come up with that? Because they’ve not yet been told they couldn’t or that it doesn’t make sense. Their imagination knows no boundaries yet because they haven’t been created. Or when you wake up and try to remember a dream can’t quite even grasp all the twists and turns of the dream, most of them turn to mist when you try to visualize them upon waking. It’s like the conscious mind can’t quite make itself believe it actually dreamed such a fantastical thing. But dreams…they no know limits. Your imagination shouldn’t either. Feel free to write whatever. Just get it down. You never know what you might create. You can always fix it later or chuck it if it’s that bad. But you just might surprise yourself and have a wonderful journey in the process.

And if you write with love…and I don’t mean you have to write about love, but do it because it’s something you love to do…BONUS! Everything is better when there’s love. Even the awful sad and scary times; the wonderful, happy times. They are all made muchier with love. 

All things — Always with love. 



  1. Micole Black says:

    Hello friend!;-) So glad things are looking up for you and your family! What a great post! You are 100% right about the love thing! Take care. Looking forward to seeing you soon.



  2. Sandy M says:

    Wonderful post, Donna. All things are so insignificant when it comes to love and what we go through for it. Leave that closet alone. It's not important in the whole scheme of things. I'm so happy that things are going well for Patrick and the rest of you. I'm always thinking about you!

    With love.


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